Procedure & Policy for Physical, Academic and Support facilities


The University follows a structured system for the creation and maintaining of infrastructure to support effective teaching and learning and the policy of replacing or upgrading the existing equipment’s/systems. Additionally, have an estate officer and other supporting staff to look after the maintenance of various amenities. A water treatment plant is also installed and the treated water is used for irrigation purposes. Many initiatives have been undertaken to improve the physical ambiance. There have been tree plantation drives in the University to enhance its green cover. Following committees have been identified and constituted to monitor the functions & procedures: 

Technical Committee: This committee consists of senior faculty members of the University, which deals with the technical aspects of the Teaching-learning paradigm.   Major functions of this committee can be cited as follows:

  • Planning and conduction of technical lectures & seminars,
  • Conduction of workshops and conferences.
  • The technical committee will advise on technical aspects of policy development and producing or advising on technical guidance.
  • The technical committee will work to strengthen academic research.
  • It will provide guidance, advice & responses on technical matters by the university charter.

Transport Committee: The University runs a fleet of buses for students and staff for catering the need of commutation from various nearby places of the region. A separate committee has been formed in order to ensure the smooth plying of university transportation. The major functions of this committee can be mentioned as below:

  • Obtaining necessary clearance certificates, insurance, permits, etc. for the University vehicles from RTA.
  • Routine checking of the condition of the vehicles.
  • Ensuring safety requirements like the operation of speed governors, fire extinguishers, etc.

Maintenance Committee: A committee has also been constituted for looking after the working conditions/ Maintenance of University equipment: Major functions of this committee can be exemplified as below:

  • Maintenance of Diesel Generators. Maintenance of UPS systems and their batteries.
  • Maintenance of Building and equipment earthling.
  • Measurement of earth resistance at regular intervals, ensuring the proper earth connection for various equipment in the labs and classrooms.
  • The members will check the working condition of all the equipment at the end of each academic year and report any deficiencies found.
  • Sweepers and a supervisor are also regularly allotted to every area of the university, who looks after the hygiene of the college concerning the cleaning of floors, corridors, classrooms, toilets, etc.
  • The University is an HT consumer of H.P. Power Transmission Corporation Ltd. with a dedicated KV feeder line and has the connectivity through an exclusive 1000 KVA transformer to sustain the voltage fluctuations. The two generators (125 KVA & 63 KVA) available in the University to help in continuous power supply without any hindrance.
  •  The computer systems and other sensitive equipment are supported with twelve UPS and fifty Off-Line UPS systems so that power failure should not cause any damage. University has trained staff for the maintenance of UPS.
  • Earthing pits are also regularly checked and maintained as per the norms. All precautions are taken to protect the precision equipment by providing voltage stabilizers and individual MCB’s.
  • The University ensures the timely servicing of RO purifiers, so that clean drinking water is available to students round the clock.
  • University Security is looked after by trained staff under the supervision of the Chief Security Officer and controlled by Security Officer in three shifts round the clock. Security guards are on duty at the University’s main gate, parking areas, and at all academic blocks and Hostels, etc.
  • Fire Extinguishers are placed at various locations of the University for Emergency and entire buildings of the University campus are fitted with hydrant systems.

Sports Committee:

This committee will facilitate to:

  • Keep the record of previous and current years’ sports goods.
  • The committee works to place orders for sports goods on basis of quotations.
  • Work to arrange the venues for sports events.
  •  Plan to organize different sports activities.
  • Take steps to conduct intra-oriented- college sports events.
  • Resolve any sports-related issues (team selections, objections, quarrels, etc.)
  • Prepare strategies for the participation in sports events outside the College/University

Literary and Cultural Committee: For organizing the Curricular and Extra-curricular activities for the students, a separate committee named Literary and Cultural Committee has formed at University level. Some of the expected functions of this committee are:

  • To encourage students to participate in various literary events.
  • To identify the talented student for various events/competitions
  • To evolve regulations & procedures for the students to take part in the

various competition/events.

  • To select eligible candidates or teams towards participation in various events

List of Committee Members for all the Committees


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