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Masters in business administration


Master of Business Administration is a two year programme divided into four semesters.The students are introduced to the basics of Accounting, Economics,Organisation Behavior, Business Communication, Business Statistics, Marketing management, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Business Research Methodology in the first year to enrich their knowledge on the various functional areas of Management. This is followed by 45 days On- the- job training or Summer Internship Programme in intended to be a six to eight week intensive in an Industry to enable students to gain exposure to bridge the gap between Industry and Academia. In the second year the students study the Elective courses which provide them knowledge in the domains of their professional interest. In the second year, the students need to develop a project research report using statistical tools. This helps the students to gain knowledge of critical skills. The specific outcomes of the programme contribute in enriching the knowledge in following ways:

PSO of  Specialization 1 (Marketing Management)

This course is designed to give an introduction to the theory and practice of marketing. It would enable the students to understand how the dynamics of the market forces create an impact in the market. At the end of the course, Students would be able to comprehend the holistic marketing efforts to develop, design and implement marketing programs. They can acquire a comprehensive knowledge about products, brands,services, e-marketing etc.


PSO of Specialization 2(Human Resource Management)

This course will help the students to gain an insight into various Human Resource Practices, Appraisal System, Organisation Development, Recruitment and selection practices. The student will also learn various discretionary benefits to be provided to an employee in the real time work environment.

PSO of Specialization 3(Financial Management)

 These courses will enable the students to apply the knowledge of Accounting standards, Financial tools, Financial performance, investing and dividend decisions that impact the growth of the firm. The students are able to accumulate better knowledge of Banking and Insurance products. The course will also help to identify the various a venues of Investment in view of risk and return.                                                                  .