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Director Maharaja Agrasen school of Architecture

Architecture is a creative and executing profession both for boys and girls.The study of course requires an aptitude toware aesthetic sensitivity, visual clarity of thoughts,good communication skills.The demand of Architects is increasing day by day and architects are being employed by government/semi government/private sector and defense services besides the esciting prospects of private practice/consultancies like a lawyer or a doctor. As such, the education of architecture has to respond to the needs of profession with several challenges of future technologies,future conditions,world views and concerns

The school is aware of its obligations for the above and is committed to respond by providing quality education to the aspirants who wish to study architecture by just not restricting them to the four walls of design studios and class rooms but providing much wider exposure through site visits/field experiments/tour and participation in such conferences and seminars etc.

From the day of its inception, Maharaja Agrasen school of architecture and design nurtures a dream to become a leading institute of architecture with global vision.