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Director Maharaja Agrasen school of Applied Science

Dr. V.K. Vats


Basics sciencesprovide foundation for all technologicaldevelopments. Without knowledge ofbasics sciences the engineers would beinadequately equipped for innovations andimprovements.What distinguishes anengineer from a mere mechanic is theunderstanding the principles of sciencebehind technology.

We at the MaharajaAgrasen University provide programs in appliedsciences which are extremelyuseful in the profession of engineers. TheMaharaja Agrasen School of AppliedSciences is well equipped with all themodern paraphernalia required for agoodinstitute of technology.From 2014-15the school is also introducing M.scprograms in physics,chemistry andmathematics.Our M.sc program in forensicsciences is a multi-discipline program which has proven to be very popular andsucessful.

I invite students tojoin Maharaja Agrasen University to study inthe pollution free environment inthe picturesque surroundings of Shivalikhills near pinjore garden andkasauli.The campus is like a gurukul with all themodern facilities.