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M.sc Zoology

Masters in zoology is a Two-year programme divided in four semesters. The students are introduced to the basics of Animal diversity, Physiology, endocrinology, parasitology, embryology,ethology, immunology, ethiology, entomology, herpetology and biochemistry to understand the concepts and applications of these subjects in zoology and applied animal science. The students are taught with the basics of animal handling, molecular techniques, his to-pathological analysis and hematology. The knowledge of zoology is useful to gain understanding of animal health, culture,capture and economic importance with their ecological role in environment. The students after passing out M.Sc. programme, have the following placement options as below:

     As Employee:

a) Zoologist:In NGO, private and Government institution.

b) Technician:In colleges, schools, university, institutional laboratory.

As Entrepreneur:

c) As educators as awareness programme for the biodiversity and wild life conservation.