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On completion of program, the students will be able to think creatively(diver gently and convergent) to propose novel ideas in explaining facts and figures or providing new solution to the problems. The students will become professionally trained in the area of electronics, optical communication,nonlinear circuits, materials characterization and lasers. The students will get trained to apply their knowledge and skill in the design and development of Electronics circuits to cater to the needs of Electronic Industry They will excel in the research related to Physics and Materials characterization.M.Sc. Physics course is a rigorous study program at the post graduate level covering both depth and breadth of all relevant areas and providing substantial research training. `The program aims at training future generations of physicists with specialization in the frontier areas of research namely Material Science, Physics of Nano-structures and Nano-materials, High Energy Physics, Nuclear Structure Physics and Techniques, Condensed Matter Physics, Communication Systems, Microwave: Theory and Applications.