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Master of Science in Mathematics is a two years degree programme divided in four semesters. The students are introduced to the Pure and Applied Mathematics to develop analytical and numerical ability. Students are taught Pure and Applied Mathematics to understand the structure, functions and composition of the pure and applied Sciences. Knowledge of these basic subjects is essential for thorough understanding of the concepts and applications of Pure and Applied Mathematics which will help students to understand the fundamentals laws of nature which are essential in understanding the principles of the technology.After completing the course the students are well trained in Pure and Applied Mathematics. Students will be able to analyze real world problems, in fruitful decision making and will have knowledge of Pure and Applied Mathematics laws.

The students after graduating have a wide array of options as below:

     As Employee:

a)     Teaching Industry: Students keen to make their career in a teaching have the following job profiles:

i)       School Teacher etc.

ii)      College Teacher.

iii)    University Professor.

b)     Research Industry: Students keen to make their career in as are search in all departments as Mathematics is fundamental requirement research topics.

c)      Banking Sector: To fulfill the requirement of banking sector, M.Sc students have required potentials.

d)    Marketing: As sales representatives. Freshers are inducted as trainee in the Business Development Team or Marketing and Sales Representatives. They are generally promoted as Area Sales Manager, Regional Sales Manager and Vice President

e)     Analyst/ Statistician: As Government certified Analysts in Government Drug Testing Laboratories and Pharmaceutical industries.

As Entrepreneur:

a)     Own School set up: Students after M.Sc, they can set up their own School.

b)     Setup a Coaching Academy: Students after M. Sc, they can setup their own coaching academy.

c)     Setup a Contract Research Organization (CRO): Students can set up their own CRO and get necessary approvals and certifications from the Government Accreditation/ Licensing Authorities to take up contract research projects.

Higher Education:

Students after M.Sc. can pursue Ph.D, M.tech in Computer Science to find job opportunities in research, managerial and advisory options in academic institutions.