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Diploma in Pharmacy is a Two-year programme divided in year wise fashion. The students are introduced to the basics of Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry to understand the concepts and applications of these subjects in Pharmacology and the fundamentals of Drug therapy. In Pharmaceutics, the students are taught the basics of writing and handling of prescription, understand prescription errors,manufacturing aspects of different dosage forms, sterilization techniques and microbiological assessment of formulations and active pharmaceutical ingredients(APIs) under aseptic conditions. The knowledge of Pharmacognosy is useful to gain knowledge about herbal drugs/ formulations. Pharmaceutical Jurisprudents provides the insight of the regulatory norms of the national and international drug regulatory bodies. A subject of Drug Store and Business Management explains the stock and inventory of the Drug Store along with the Marketing and Managerial skills. In Hospital and Clinical Pharmacy, the students are required to learn various skills like drug information, drug distribution and therapeutic drug monitoring for improved patient care. In clinical/ community pharmacy, students will be learning various skills such as dispensing of drugs,responding to minor ailments by providing suitable safe medication, patient counseling for improved patient care in the community set up. 


The students after passing out D. Pharm programme, have the following placement options as below:



     As Employee:

a)      Pharmacist:In private and Government hospitals/ dispensaries, Government Pharmacists in Defence, Police etc.

b)     Technician:In Pharmacy colleges, Pharmaceutical industry.

As Entrepreneur:

c)      Own a Chemist/ Pharmacy Retail shop: Students after passing out Diploma in Pharmacy apply for Registration as Pharmacist in the State Pharmacy Councils and after seeking the Registration Certificate; they can apply for the license to open Pharmacy Retail Shop through Drugs Control Department (FDA of their state).

Higher Education:

Students after passing D. Pharm., can pursue Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharm.) under Lateral Entry seats.