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An undergraduate academic degree  that lasts for three years. The course provides alaunching pad that would propel a professional's  thoughts on the lines of creativity withunique and lucid concepts.

The courseconcentrates on enhancing skills in real estate development. It encompasses avariety of skills essential to infra-structure planning in both urban &rural areas along with the  necessaryknowledge of prevailing laws. It combines both project-based learning as wellas theory and implementation. This degree prepares students for rewarding andfocused careers as builders & developers.


·        To offer three yearsdesign-cum-technological program that adopts a unique project-based learningapproach to develop students with the knowledge of the latest buildingtechnologies

·        To provide anexploratory environment to students with critical and creative thinking inhands-on studios

·        To  equip students in the fundamentals of realestate market, project planning & management.


FOCUS:The diploma programfocuses on traditional drafting techniques, computer-assisted design technologyand contemporary standards.

SCOPE/Career Pathways-

·        Building and construction companies, Designagencies, consulting firms etc. Candidates can work in capacities likeDesigners, Business Development officers, Architectural Draughtsman/ Draftsman,Assistant Managers, Architectural Finishing Products’ Sales Manager, ProjectManager, etc.

·        Assistantsunder engineers and architects

·        Contractjobs under contractors

·        Workas Foremen, Site supervisors  etc.  in construction industry.

·        Selfemployment:

·        Aspirants can also choose to specialize in otherareas of architecture.

·        Candidates can also purse higher studies likeBachelor of Architecture, Bachelor of Engineering, etc in related fields.viz;

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