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B.Sc Medical

Bachelor of medical is a three year degree programme divided in six semesters. The students are introduced to the basics of zoology, botany, chemistry and English. Students are taught biodiversity, anatomy, physiology, evolutionary biology,development biology, comparative biology, ecology and biochemistry to understand the structure, functions and composition of the animal and plant body. The knowledge of biology is useful to identify the plants and animals taxonomically, along with the methods of conservation and utilization of flora and fauna.

The students after graduating have a wide array of options as below:

 Trained youths will be beneficial to the society by rendering their services in Indian forest services/Provincial Forest Officers, Field Officer in banks, Biology laboratory technician.

Can grow as future microbiologist, biophysicist, zoologist, botanist and biochemist.

Higher Education:

Students after B. Sc., can pursue masters in Zoology, botany, microbiology, biophysics,biotechnology. Can find job opportunities in research, managerial and advisory options in wildlife & biodiversity boards or academic institutions.