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Bachelor of Library Science (B.Lib.Sc.) is aprofessional graduate degree program. The B.Lib.Sc degree is provided after thecompletion of a one-year course. The program includes the standards andperformances of Library Science. It also covers Library Administration withpresent technologies. B.Lib.Sc covers the cataloguing and classification,database management, reference etc. There are some other topics likeinformation architecture, research methods, collection management, statisticsand IT. Bachelor of Library Science program encompasses of the disciplines likeIT, management, academics and other fields to upkeep libraries. Bachelor ofLibrary Science is a learning of the collection, association, distribution ofinformation sources etc.

Salient Feature of Degree Bachelor of LibraryScience

  • Bachelor of Library Science degree serves as a foundation for advanced studies. Some of the higher education courses are like M.Lib.Sc, Ph.D. and M.Phil degree in Library Science. Once the aspirants finish the program, they may try for the post of lecturer in any institute/ university
  • Many job chances are available for B.Lib.Sc holders. Some of the areas are like Metadata Management, Computer, Data, Information Architecture, Preservation Administration, Archiving etc.  In addition, employments are available in Indexing, Cataloguing, Conservation, Research, Metadata Architecture and IT.

Eligibility Criteria for B.Lib.Sc

Minimum 50% marks are required in the graduationof any stream for getting admission. The qualification required for doingB.Lib.Sc program is a bachelor’s degree with any specialization. The durationof the course is 1 year.

B.Lib.I.Sc. Courses Suitability

·        They shouldhave a basic interest in books as well as a variety of topics, goodcommunication skills, customer service attitude and other interpersonal skills.

·        Applicantsalso have organizing ability, ability to anticipate User’s needs, a widegeneral knowledge and ability to cope with frequent interruptions when doingjobs requiring concentration.

·        They musthave knowledge of scholarly and public information sources, and follow trendsrelated to publishing, computers, the media and organization of librarymaterials.

How is B.Lib.I.Sc. Courses Beneficial?

·        Aftercompleting the course they can go for jobs in the areas such aspublic/government libraries, universities and other academic institutions, newsagencies and organizations.

·        They haveopportunities in the private organizations and special libraries, foreignembassies, photo/film libraries.

·        They havealso the option of going for higher degrees in the very subject.

·        Candidatescan also have option in the planning and coordination of the library’sfinancial operations which are also important and essential task to beperformed.

B.Lib.I.Sc. JobTypes

·        LibraryInformation Officer

·        Officer –Library

·        LibraryInformation Assistant

·        ProfessionalAssistant

·        Librarian/AssistantLibrarian  Assistant

·        JuniorLibrary Assistant

·        AssistantTechnical Manager/Library Assistant/Technician

·        LibraryTrainee

·        ProjectAssistant

·        StorageSpecialist

·        ProjectTrainee

AdvanceCourse in B.Lib.I.Sc.

·        M.Lib.I.Sc.

After completing Bachelor of Library and Information Science(B.Lib.I.Sc.) you can become:

·        Librarian

·        Archivist